The Cherry Tree – Customer Experience Survey, May 2021

Earlier this month, we launched an online survey to gather your views on The Cherry Tree.

The survey asked participants to rate us on the following scale:

  • Excellent

  • Good

  • Fair

  • Poor 

  • Other – with option to add comments

The questions covered the following aspects of customer experience:

  1. Quality of food

  2. Portion sizes

  3. Ordering system

  4. Overall service

  5. Cleanliness

  6. Overall offering

In addition, participants were able to add to their ratings via a comments section.

The results are presented below.

Image 22-05-2021 at 14.53.jpg
Image 22-05-2021 at 14.54.jpg
Image 22-05-2021 at 14.54.jpg
Image 22-05-2021 at 14.54.jpg
Image 22-05-2021 at 14.55.jpg
Image 22-05-2021 at 14.55.jpg

Additional Comments Provided

We received a large number of supportive and positive comments from many participants. We also received a number of comments that require action and / or response in order to continue to develop and improve the service we offer to Haddenham and the surrounding area. Please see below for further details. Comments are as received in the survey / participants’ wording. Our response, is written after this. 

Live open mic / acoustic nights?

- We’ve been locked down for more weeks than we've been open. However, we are now hoping to have a rum festival and other music events going forward.

Hard to work out what is going on unless constantly on Facebook. Could a blackboard be used to help old people?

- We have installed a converted ‘sack barrow’ with clearly marked daily events and activities - this is out the front of The Cherry Tree!

Some lovely salads on the lunchtime menu would be very nice. The superfood salad last year was amazing.

- We'll be introducing more salad options as the weather improves.

Please warm your cups before filling with coffee.

- The cups are usually heated on top of the machine but if we're very busy they may have come straight from being cleaned. We endeavour to always serve in a hot cup but please feel free to ask us to make sure your cup is heated.

A different variety of lager.

- We currently serve 2 bottled lagers (Estrella and Corona) plus draught Birra Moretti and a (regularly changing) draught Pilsner / Lager from Three Blind Mice Brewery in Little Downham. 

My only suggestion would be …just a few more lunch options on the menu and more sandwich fillings. I also think the gin and tonics could have a bit more ice added and some more garnish. 

- We aim to supply a variety of meals but are restricted by the necessity to minimise waste product. We offer 5 sandwich choices, plus 'specials' changing on a daily basis. 

We re-opened with a range of fruit / garnishes for G&T’s.  Re ice - you can have as much as you like (within reason!) but will need to tell us as some customers either don't want ice or don't want too much as it ‘waters down their drinks.’.  

Overall, very happy but have had to wait too long for our order several times and had to chase it.

- I assume that this happened during particularly busy periods. It’s still not acceptable though so please speak to a member of staff if you feel you have been waiting too long. If there are delays in the kitchen we'll try and tell you know up front (the necessity for remote ordering obviously doesn't help us), Of late, food has been coming out of the kitchen quickly (despite the fact that everything is cooked / prepared to order) and we aim for this to be the norm going forward.

When booking, it would be useful to know which tables in the marquee are which size and which are the sofas etc. You had to pick and hope for the best.

- The online booking system now shows the number of seats at each table. 

More evening meal options would be nice.

- We are only open 'late' Friday and Saturday. We have offered pizza / Italian food throughout the various lockdowns and we introduced the food vans to the village. We now have 16 different vans on rotation - each Friday, plus some Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays going forward, we will have a full Italian menu, or a food van or a kitchen takeover. 

Ordering on the online app can be less than straightforward and can drop off halfway through.

- We are all getting used to the new way of ordering (this includes the App developers who have transformed hospitality ordering in a matter of months). The wireless signal drops off the further you are from the building. We are happy to take manual orders where customers experience any issues of this nature. If we have to take manual orders, we need to collect track and trace data that would otherwise be collected via the App.

Cutlery doesn’t always come out with the food and by the time they come back with the cutlery, the food gets cold.

- We now have systems in place to ensure cutlery is provided before (or at least with) your food. Please speak to a member of the team if you experience any issues / delays.

Have had a couple of times when have ordered something that's not available - an alternative has always been offered but never any mention of the price difference being refunded. 

- This is an oversight and certainly not the norm.  Our policy is that when a substitution is offered (of lower value), we provide a refund - either re-credited to a card or in cash. Please let us know if this issue occurs again, (we won't be offended) and will be happy to provide a refund.

Plus 40 super-positive comments….!!


May 2021